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Welcome to Arrow      

Oracle Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) 


On the 16th of October we launched the Oracle Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) at the Arrow Sweden office in Kista. The CCoE is a Nordic collaboration between Oracle and Arrow.

The purpose of the CCoE is to give you as a partner all necessary information/training/ education of the Oracle Cloud and Hybrid Solutions. To make you successful in your Oracle business.


Cloud Center of Excellence

The Oracle Cloud Center of Excellence is a partner service center, designed to support
the business needs and objectives of Oracle and Oracle Partners.

Consolidating and leveraging better industry knowledge, improved local market knowledge, increased understanding of the ease of use of Oracle products, confidence
in the functionality of Oracle products, opportunities to meet other partners to work collaboratively.


  • Oracle Partner Studio          

  • Oracle Partner Academy

  • Oracle ISV Migration Center


Provides partners a physical place to demonstrate business solutions, meet other professionals and to hold networking events.  

Use these facilities for your customer events.  

Provides specialist trainings in Oracle solutions.

You learn about:     

  • Oracle Partner Studio          

  • Oracle Partner Academy

  • Oracle ISV Migration Center


Provides practical and technical support for migration to Oracle products and upgrading to the latest Oracle technologies.

Datum:                    Kurs:                                                                                   Plats:


 2020-03-10--11                 Oracle Cloud Security Workshop                                                                       Kista. Sweden

 2020-03-16--20                 Fresh Talent - Phase 3                                                                                       Kista, Stockholm

 2020-03-24--25                OCI Deepdive Days                                                                                            Kista, Sweden


2020-04-02                     Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Introduction Day 2 for partners                                Kista, Sweden

2020-04-21--22               Oracle Cloud Platform Data Management                                                            Espoo, Finland

2020-04-20--21               Oracle Cloud Infrastructure LVC Partner Bootcamp                                             Online

 2020-04-20--24               Fresh Talent - Phase 4                                                                                         Kista, Stockholm



 2020-05-12--14               Oracle Analytics Workshop For Partners                                                              Online                                                

 2020-05-13--14               OCI Deepdive Days                                                                                              Kista, Sweden 

Event Region   Time Zone     Location   Duration     Period                       Timing 

 APAC               India Time     Online       3 Days      2020-03-10-12         09.00--13.00

 NAS                 UC Central    Online       3 Days      2020-04-07--09        09.00--13.00

 EMEA              CET               Online       3 Days      2020-05-12--14        09.00--13.00

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Om du har frågor om Oracles lösningar, hur man gör affärer på bästa sätt med
Oracle och hur man kan utveckla sin Oracle affär,
kontakta oss på Arrow ECS.

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Business Unit Manager

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Product Sales Specialist, Oracle

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Anne Hornborg-Franck
Cloud Enablement Manager
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Master Principal Sales Consultant 

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